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to Oct 5

AUDITIONS for Miracle on 34th Street

ACT I & the Pumphouse Players present our third joint production, A Miracle on 34th Street. Join us for auditions for this classic Christmas show, directed by ACT I's Liz Hutchison.

Performances will take place the first three weekends of December -- December 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, and 16.

When: Tuesday, October 3rd and Thursday, October 5th from 6:30-8:30 both evenings. Please plan to stay the entire audition time on the day you choose to attend -- you do not have to attend both. If you'd like to request an earlier audition, please contact us to see if a time is available.

Where: The Legion Theatre on Main Street

**Please prepare a 1-3 minute monologue for your audition.**
Auditions will consist of a 1-3 minute monologue and cold readings from selected scenes from the show. Audition sides will be posted soon, but an excerpt from the script can be found here:

CASTING: The cast list will be sent via e-mail to those cast on Saturday, October 7th, as well as posted on social media accounts for both theatre companies. Phone calls will not be made except in special circumstances. Some roles may be double-cast at the discretion of the director and casting team. 

REHEARSALS: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 at the Legion Theatre.


***Ages listed for each character will be used as guidelines, but actors may be cast and made to look younger or older, depending on the needs of the character.

Kris Kringle - Santa Claus, elderly
Doris Walker - female protagonist, personnel manager at Macy’s, 30s
Susan Walker - Doris’ daughter, age 7
Fred Gayley - male protagonist, lawyer, neighbor, and friend to the Walkers, adult
Mr./Ms. Shellhammer - Doris’ assistant, man or woman, 20s - 50s
Doctor Pierce - Kris’ physician at Maplewood home, man or woman, 30s - 60s
Mr/Ms. Sawyer - macy’s vocational guidance counselor, antagonist, man or woman, 30s - 60s
Mr/Ms. Macy - owner of Macy’s, man or woman, 40s - 60s
Mr/Ms. Bloomingdale - owner of Bloomingdale’s, man or woman, 40s - 60s
Judge Harper - of New York State Court, man or woman, 60s
Mr/Ms. Finley - bailiff, man or woman, 30s - 60s
Mr/Ms. Mara - prosecuting attorney
Mara Jr. - Mara’s child, man or woman
Mr/Ms. Halloran - Harper’s political campaign manager, man or woman, 30s - 60s
Duncan - zookeeper, friend to Kris, man or woman, 20s - 60s

Al & Lou - postal employees, comedic, man or woman, 20s - 60s
Bag Lady - elderly woman, 50s - 60s
Rich Person - very posh, man or woman, 40s - 60s
Drunk Santa - man, 20s - 60s
Teenagers - up to 3, boy or girl
Children - up to three 3, boy or girl, one child is Dutch (accent required)
Elves - 4 to 8, man or woman, comedic in nature
Parents - up to 3, man or woman
Postal workers

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AUDITIONS for Treasure Island
11:00 AM11:00

AUDITIONS for Treasure Island

*Please note the audition time has changed to 11am-1pm. 

ACT I is doing Treasure Island! Our Fall show is suitable for actors aged 12-26 and will be directed by Bob Whaley. This will be a show with LOTS of swordplay.

Details provided by
This adventurous adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel finds young Jim Hawkins as he discovers a treasure map in a dead pirate's sea-chest. Jim is led on an expedition across the ocean to recover a fortune in plundered gold. Fair winds and favorable seas soon give way to mutiny, greed, and the evil machinations of a one-legged scoundrel named Long John Silver. Join Jim on an unforgettable adventure as he fights for his life -- and the lives of his friends -- in this legendary tale of piracy and heroism.

Auditioners should come prepared with a monologue between 30 and 90 seconds in length. We will also be reading selections from the script. If you need to make arrangements to audition early, please send ACT I a message ASAP.

Rehearsals will be at Ladies Fitness on Wednesday evenings 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm and Saturdays at Ladies Fitness from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

Performances will be at The Grand Theatre October 13 and 14.

Playscripts does offer a free sample online for perusal at:

Cast of Characters
NOT presented in any particular order of importance

CAPTAIN FLINT, the evil former captain of the Walrus.
BILLY BONES, the former first mate aboard the Walrus.
BLACK DOG, a former shipmate of Billy Bones aboard the Walrus.
BLIND PEW, a former shipmate of Billy Bones aboard the Walrus.
BEN GUNN, A former sailor aboard the Walrus, marooned for three years on Treasure Island.
ISRAEL HANDS,Flint’s gunner aboard the WalRUS, coxswain aboard the Hispaniola.
JOB ANDERSON, the mutinous boatswain aboard the Hispaniola.
LONG JOHN SILVER, charismatic, wooden-legged cook aboard the Hispaniola; former quartermaster aboard the Walrus.
PARROT, Long John Silver’s talking green parrot.
HARRY, another mutinous sailor aboard the Hispaniola.
TOM MORGAN, a mutinous sailor aboard the Hispaniola.
GEORGE MERRY, a mutineer aboard the Hispaniola.
JOHNNY, a mutineer aboard the Hispaniola.
ALLARDYCE, one of the SIX STRONG SEAMEN aboard the Walrus.
DIRK O’BRIEN, yet another mutineer aboard the Hispaniola.
CAPTAIN JACOBS, the captain of Ben Gunn’s former ship.

JIM HAWKINS, the young hero of the story.
DR. LIVESEY, the Hawkins’ family physician, loyal ship doctor aboard the Hispaniola.
CAPTAIN SMOLLETT, the upstanding, experienced captain of the Hispaniola.
LORD COMMISSIONER OF THE ADMIRALTY, member of the Board of Admiralty
MR. HAWKINS, Jim Hawkins’ sick and elderly father, and owner of the Admiral Benbow Inn.
TOM REDRUTH, Squire Trelawney’s loyal gamekeeper.
JOHN HUNTER, Squire Trelawney’s loyal servant.
SQUIRE TRELAWNEY, the garrulous owner of the Hispaniola.
MR. ARROW, first mate aboard the Hispaniola.
DICK JOHNSON, a young seaman aboard the Hispaniola.
VOICE OF THE LOOKOUT, the lookout aboard the Hispaniola.
ABRAHAM GRAY, the loyal carpenter’s mate aboard the Hispaniola.
NATHAN, an unfortunately loyal seaman aboard the Hispaniola.

Additional Roles:

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AUDITIONS for A Midsummer Night's Dream
12:00 PM12:00

AUDITIONS for A Midsummer Night's Dream

Join us for auditions on May 6th at Ladies Fitness and Health Club from 12-2.

Be prepared with a 1-2 min Shakespearean monologue (25-50 lines). Monologues can come from any of Shakespeare’s works and should be delivered in a standard American accent. We will also be doing cold reads of select scenes, so if there’s a character you would prefer, think about how you would play that character (mannerisms, vocalization, etc.)

Our production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream will be heavily influenced by Shakespeare’s Sonnet 147, which pictures a love as a kind of disease. You may want to take this into account when preparing your monologues

A synopsis of the play can be found in many places on the internet.

- Theseus: Duke of Athens, soon to be married to Hippolyta, recent conqueror of the Amazons.
- Hippolyta: Queen of the Amazons, soon to be married to Theseus.
- Egeus: Father of Hermia, crotchety old man who refuses to let his daughter marry who she wants.
- Lysander: Suitor to Hermia, loved by Hermia, not the most upstanding guy in the world.
- Demetrius: Suitor to Hermia, Approved by her father, perhaps a little boring more boring than Hermia would like.
- Hermia: Young woman of Athens, in love with Lysander, fierce and short.
- Helena: Young woman of Athens, In love with Demetrius, taller than Hermia.

- Peter Quince: A carpenter, playwright and director of Pyramus and Thisbe
- Nick Bottom: A weaver, actor, full of himself.
- Francis Flute: A bellows mender, actor.
- Tom Snout: A tinker, actor.
- Snug: A joiner, actor.
- Robin Starveling: A tailor, actor.

- Oberon: King of the fairies, feuding with Titania
- Titania: Queen of the fairies, feuding with Oberon
- Puck: Manservant to Oberon, mischievous.
- Peaseblossom: Fairy.
- Cobweb: Fairy.
- Moth: Fairy.
- Mustardseed: Fairy.

Various fairies.
Various attendants to Theseus and Hippolyta.

Rehearsals will be Monday and Wednesday evenings, with occasional Saturdays. The performances will be the first weekend in August -- the 4th and 5th. (This production is ACT I's summer show.)

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AUDITIONS for Tarzan
12:00 PM12:00

AUDITIONS for Tarzan

  • The Teacher Resource Center Room 2 (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

*VENUE CHANGE: Teacher Resource Center, Room 2 (1 North Gilmer Street. Behind the Grand Theatre)*

Washed up on the shores of West Africa, an infant boy is taken in and raised by gorillas who name him Tarzan. Apart from striving for acceptance from his ape father, Tarzan's life is mostly monkey business until a human expedition treks into his tribe's territory, and he encounters creatures like himself for the first time. Tarzan struggles to navigate a jungle, thick with emotion, as he discovers his animal upbringing clashing with his human instincts.

DIRECTORS: Kristy Montgomery and Bob Whaley
MUSIC DIRECTOR: Kimberly Human
CHOREOGRAPHER: Christina Weinzetl
Our primary audition will be Saturday, December 3rd from 12-3pm.
An early audition is available Thursday, December 1st by request ONLY.
We'll do call-backs on Monday, December 5th.

**Please note that I'm still waiting for confirmation that we can use Stiles for these auditions, but I wanted to get information up since so many are asking.

We'll be casting ages 10-26, with a few exceptions.
•a song (a chorus and a verse)
•a monologue of 1-3 minutes in length
We'll do songs, monologues, and a dance audition for the early audition and the regular audition, and cold reads during the call-backs. 

A gentle mother ape. Kerchak's mate and Tarzan's protector.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: E3

The gruff leader of the gorillas and Kala's mate.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: Gb4
Vocal range bottom: Ab2

A fierce carnivore that threatens both gorillas and humans.

Young Tarzan
An innocent young boy. Loses his parents and is raised by the apes.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: C3

Young Terk
A sarcastic adolescent ape. Tarzan's best friend.
Vocal range top: B4
Vocal range bottom: G3

A sarcastic ape and Tarzan's best friend.
Vocal range top: B4
Vocal range bottom: Eb3

A vulnerable, fearless young man raised by apes. Terk's best friend who falls in love with Jane. Our story's protagonist.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: Bb4
Vocal range bottom: B2

An adventurous young English botanist. She falls in love with Tarzan.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: F#3

A bumbling English professor of biology. Jane's father.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: C4
Vocal range bottom: B2

A brutish, greedy hunter and guide. Leads Jane and Porter's expedition.
Gender: Male

Large Ensemble
Apes; Expedition Crew

*We're looking to understudy many of the roles. The understudies will perform the Saturday matinee. 
A combination of Monday and Thursday evenings (6-8pm) and Saturday afternoons (12-3pm). Times are flexible. We will be casting those who can commit to most rehearsal days throughout the rehearsal time period.
March 13-16, 2017
Friday, March 17, 2017 (7pm)
Saturday, March 18, 2017 (3pm)
Saturday, March 18, 2017 (7pm)
Performed at the Grand Theatre in Cartersville, Georgia

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AUDITIONS for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
6:00 PM18:00

AUDITIONS for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Come out and join us for our fall production, directed by Moritz Arnold.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a non-musical adaptation of the classic story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. 

This production will have a cast of roughly 18, and we are ONLY casting individuals aged 16 and up -- adults are welcome to audition! 

Rehearsals will be Monday evenings, as well as some Wednesdays and Saturdays. The exact schedule is being determined still, pending updates from our rehearsal space, but those auditioning should have those days available. Please understand that those 16 and up who are in Annie will not be able to participate. Those in other productions with conflicting dates may not be cast.

Our performances will either be the weekend before Thanksgiving or the weekend just afterwards. This is also pending venue response. Please let us know when you audition if you are unavailable one of those two weekends. There will be a spot on the form for it.

***Auditions will consist of a monologue and cold reading. Those auditioning should have a monologue prepared.

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Auditions for A Christmas Carol
to Oct 6

Auditions for A Christmas Carol

We are excited to announce the upcoming audition dates for our holiday show, A Christmas Carol. This is a joint production that we will be undertaking with Cartersville's Pumphouse Players!

Audition dates will be October 5 & 6 from 7:30-9:30p in the lobby of The Legion Theater. Auditions will consist of a cold read from the script. No experience is necessary. There are multiple roles for ages 8 to 80. We hope to see you there!

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