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Auditions: Silent Sky

  • ACT I Studio 81 Peeples Valley Road Southeast, Suite 102 Cartersville, GA, 30121 United States (map)

Silent Sky tells the true story of Henrietta Leavitt, the astronomer ahead of her time. It is 1900, and Henrietta has the opportunity to work at Harvard University as a human computer, one of Dr. Edward Pickering’s “harem,” mapping the stars but receiving no scientific credit. When Henrietta arrives, she is eager to use Harvard’s telescope - the Great Refractor - but is told that she will not be able to do any sort of astronomical discovery as she will only log the stars photographed by the men of the department. However, Henrietta will not be dissuaded, and begins the process of recording the changes in Cepheid stars - a scientific discovery that has profound and lasting impact on the field of astronomy. During her inquiry, Henrietta’s relationships strain under her obsessive work ethic; her sister Margaret, her love interest Peter Shaw, and her colleagues Annie Cannon and Williamina Fleming all find themselves pushed aside in favor of a great cosmic mystery. Silent Sky is the poignant tale of a woman’s dedication to the stars, and the human touch that makes life under the vast sky beautiful and timeless.

Directed by Christopher Milligan

Characters (by order of appearance):
Henrietta Leavitt- 30s, brilliant, meticulous, excited, headstrong.
Margaret Leavitt- 30s, homebody, creative, sweet, Henrietta's sister.
Peter Shaw- 30s, the head astronomer's apprentice, a little odd.
Annie Cannon- 40s, the leader, terse and sure, grows into a firebrand.
Williamina Fleming- 50s, smart as a whip, fun, and Scottish.

*All ages listed are just ages of characters at the beginning of this play, and are not necessarily the age we are looking to cast*

Tuesday, August 13th, 6-8pm. NO MONOLOGUES ARE NECESSARY, but please consider the development of one or more of the characters above and be prepared for cold reading and character exercises as part of the audition.

Most actors will be cast in the HS and college-range, but there is a lot flexibility there. However, not all who audition will be cast.

Twice a week, TBD depending upon the availability of the performers.

October 4th and 5th