Love/Hate Cabaret
7:00 PM19:00

Love/Hate Cabaret

It's that time again! Join us as we turn the ACT I Studio into a lounge!

Our theme this time around is "love/hate." Your songs can be about love and romance... or break-ups and heartbreak.

We'll be serving coffee and light snacks for this event.


- Fill out this form:

- Get your discounted Performer Ticket, which serves as your participation fee:

- Send an mp3 or youtube link to Kimberly by FEBRUARY 15TH. You can send it directly to ACT I's Facebook if you want.

- Send a video of your performance to Kimberly by FEBRUARY 15TH.

- Plan to attend sound check Thursday, the 21st, during your time slot (only 10-15 minutes or so).

- ** If you do not get your information to her by the 15th, you'll be pulled from our list.


- Online tickets are on sale now!

- Tickets will be $12 each and will be available at the door as well, until we sell out.

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