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AUDITIONS for Treasure Island

  • Ladies Fitness 240 Nelson Street Cartersville, GA, 30120 United States (map)

*Please note the audition has changed to 11am-1pm

ACT I is doing Treasure Island! Our Fall show is suitable for actors aged 12-26 and will be directed by Bob Whaley. This will be a show with LOTS of swordplay.

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This adventurous adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel finds young Jim Hawkins as he discovers a treasure map in a dead pirate's sea-chest. Jim is led on an expedition across the ocean to recover a fortune in plundered gold. Fair winds and favorable seas soon give way to mutiny, greed, and the evil machinations of a one-legged scoundrel named Long John Silver. Join Jim on an unforgettable adventure as he fights for his life -- and the lives of his friends -- in this legendary tale of piracy and heroism.

Auditioners should come prepared with a monologue between 30 and 90 seconds in length. We will also be reading selections from the script. If you need to make arrangements to audition early, please send ACT I a message ASAP.

Rehearsals will be at Ladies Fitness on Wednesday evenings 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm and Saturdays at Ladies Fitness from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

Performances will be at The Grand Theatre October 13 and 14.

Playscripts does offer a free sample online for perusal at:

Cast of Characters
NOT presented in any particular order of importance

CAPTAIN FLINT, the evil former captain of the Walrus.
BILLY BONES, the former first mate aboard the Walrus.
BLACK DOG, a former shipmate of Billy Bones aboard the Walrus.
BLIND PEW, a former shipmate of Billy Bones aboard the Walrus.
BEN GUNN, A former sailor aboard the Walrus, marooned for three years on Treasure Island.
ISRAEL HANDS,Flint’s gunner aboard the WalRUS, coxswain aboard the Hispaniola.
JOB ANDERSON, the mutinous boatswain aboard the Hispaniola.
LONG JOHN SILVER, charismatic, wooden-legged cook aboard the Hispaniola; former quartermaster aboard the Walrus.
PARROT, Long John Silver’s talking green parrot.
HARRY, another mutinous sailor aboard the Hispaniola.
TOM MORGAN, a mutinous sailor aboard the Hispaniola.
GEORGE MERRY, a mutineer aboard the Hispaniola.
JOHNNY, a mutineer aboard the Hispaniola.
ALLARDYCE, one of the SIX STRONG SEAMEN aboard the Walrus.
DIRK O’BRIEN, yet another mutineer aboard the Hispaniola.
CAPTAIN JACOBS, the captain of Ben Gunn’s former ship.

JIM HAWKINS, the young hero of the story.
DR. LIVESEY, the Hawkins’ family physician, loyal ship doctor aboard the Hispaniola.
CAPTAIN SMOLLETT, the upstanding, experienced captain of the Hispaniola.
LORD COMMISSIONER OF THE ADMIRALTY, member of the Board of Admiralty
MR. HAWKINS, Jim Hawkins’ sick and elderly father, and owner of the Admiral Benbow Inn.
TOM REDRUTH, Squire Trelawney’s loyal gamekeeper.
JOHN HUNTER, Squire Trelawney’s loyal servant.
SQUIRE TRELAWNEY, the garrulous owner of the Hispaniola.
MR. ARROW, first mate aboard the Hispaniola.
DICK JOHNSON, a young seaman aboard the Hispaniola.
VOICE OF THE LOOKOUT, the lookout aboard the Hispaniola.
ABRAHAM GRAY, the loyal carpenter’s mate aboard the Hispaniola.
NATHAN, an unfortunately loyal seaman aboard the Hispaniola.

Additional Roles:

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