The Concept

Conceived by Kristy Montgomery in 2012, Summersplosion is a summer theatre program that allows participants to experience roles in theatre that they may not usually have the chance to try. Participants are separated onto teams, which are each led by a captain. Over the course of the summer, the teams work together to write, produce, and perform a new one-act play of their own. Teams are responsible for the directing, technical work, costuming, set design, props, and every other element of producing their show.

Each summer, the teams are given new sets of challenges and guidelines to help them conceive and create their shows. Feedback is taken and considered when planning the following year.

The Teams

Each team includes:

A Team Captain/Director who will direct and be in charge of the final decision-making. This individual will not appear in the performance.

An Assistant Director who will support the director and act in a second-in-command capacity whenever necessary. Assistant directors are reminded that they are the assistant to the director. Assistants will be allowed to appear in the performance.

A Stage Manager who will be in charge of ensuring that the technical side of the performance runs smoothly. This individual will work closely with Bob to put the set together and will likely run lights or sound for the production. They will not be in the performance.

Team Members. These individuals may work to write the show, find the props, design and select costumes, take on advertising, etc.

The Rules

  • Each show should be a minimum of 45 minutes in length, but no longer than an hour and a half. All content will be approved by Kristy, but should be appropriate for all audiences.
  • Teams will be expected to meet certain deadlines for various components of their production. All team members are expected to sell ten tickets for their performance.
  • There is a one-time $30 participation fee for everyone who participates, which is due as soon as possible. This fee will cover the cost of a t-shirt and go into a budget for each team, as well as general program costs and fees.
  • Team members are expected to be at as many rehearsals as possible! Each team will only have a portion of stage-time per week, but typically meet during both the Monday and Thursday rehearsal times, as well as in other locations at other times. However, we know that the summer can be a very busy time, so we fully expect each participant to have a week where they are vacationing. That's perfectly acceptable! If you'll be someone who is frequently absent for trips, however, please be mindful that we may find another place for you other than on a team! We'll definitely need a bit of behind the scenes help! 
  • All participants will be expected to sign and adhere to the behavior requirements in the ACT I Participation Contract. This includes positive and enthusiastic behavior in person as well as through social media.

The History

Summer 2012
Every Kill Begins with K
Grace at its Finest
The Prince's Doctor

Summer 2013
Ghost in the Valley
Project Eden
Root of All Evil
The Draft

Summer 2014
A Newsie's Tale
Family Night
Always Remember
A Trip to the Bookstore

Summer 2015
The Foster Killer
A Perfect Friend
Of Hoods and Gray Wolves
The Fates War

Summer 2016
Julius Caesar
Words on a Trash Barge
Pirates of Illyria


Summer 2018
Modulating the Machine
S.O.S (Strangers on Sand)
Wooden Figures