ACT I Policies and Updates

August 2018 Board Meeting, released in September, Updated February 2019.


All participants are expected to maintain professionalism while communicating at rehearsal. For our ACT I purposes, this means:

  • We expect our performers to use appropriate language at all times when on our studio’s grounds or out at ACT I related events, including cast parties or post-show dinners. If you are representing ACT I, we’d like you represent us in a way that is appropriate.

  • We expect our performers to be kind to one another. Making disparaging or judging comments in person or on social media about other performers, the show, or about ourselves qualify as not being kind. Negativity has no place in ACT I if we want to keep our company healthy, and we will begin working very diligently to remove it.

  • Our social media policy extends to everyone involved in any capacity with ACT I — performers, staff, parents, and volunteers. If you are representing ACT I in a way that we do not believe benefits our organization, we may take steps to not include you or your child in future performances. For our purposes, social media will refer to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms similar to those.


MOVING FORWARD, we have a new way to contact us!

  • You may contact your director directly for:

    • show specific situations, like absences, tardies

    • any general housekeeping that is specific to the show itself

  • If you have any of the following reasons to contact us, please use

    • casting concerns

    • situations of in-cast drama that need to be addressed

    • essentially, anything that the board will need to discuss before coming to a decision

We will be doing this to ensure that our entire board has an opportunity to respond to ACT I-related situations. We know that this may take some time to get used to, so we’ll be directing any situations that fall under that second category to the email if we get them personally! We ask that anything big that happens gets sent as an email, so that we can have a written account of your side of whatever is going on. That allows us all to make a good judgement call based on all of the information.

Additionally, it is important to our board that the distinction between friend and board member is clear — we don’t want to deal with ACT I drama on a personal level when it should come from our board as a whole, and this will allow us to do so!



Performers are expected to:

  • be very clear with their schedule as much as possible at auditions so that casting decisions may be made accordingly. If there is a chance that a schedule may be hard to predict due to work, please be upfront about that. It isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it really does help.

  • come to rehearsal when called. If the first expectation has been met, a performer should only be called to a rehearsal that we know they can attend. Please come when called!

  • let the director know ASAP if they will not attend a rehearsal due to an emergency.

  • arrive to rehearsal in the ten minute window before the rehearsal is set to begin. Please remember the theatre rule that being ‘on time’ to rehearsal is being late! Because we are so keen to let you go exactly on time, it’s important that you arrive in a way that will allow us to get started on time.

  • have a ride available exactly at the end of rehearsal time. Parents, please make arrangements to have your child picked up on time if you cannot do it yourself. Because our board members each either have families to get home to, full-time jobs, or a mix of the two alongside other responsibilities, it’s important that we get home after rehearsal.



Moving forward, we will be closing our auditions and rehearsals to performers only. Unless you are on the staff of (or a noted volunteer for) a production, we would like to encourage our actors to embrace their independence and attend auditions and rehearsals on their own. We work very hard to encourage a safe environment that we hope you will trust to be sound for your children, but please understand this policy moving forward!

This policy will also extend to not permitting friends to stay through rehearsals. Friends and family are often big distractors at auditions and rehearsals, and we want to encourage focus.



Our staff is largely comprised of our board members and selected directors. 

  • Assistant Directors are chosen based on those we feel are prepared, either through team leader training or through the directing course.

  • Directing Apprentices are a first-step option for those who want to get some experience but haven’t yet had a chance to be a team leader or take a directing course. Essentially, we’re keeping our eye on them as a potential for one of those next steps.

  • Our costumers, assistant directors, and apprentices will not be those who are participating in a production. We are also trying to encourage some of our younger participants to take on these roles, so we will be holding back on asking parents to take on primary staff roles. Parents may volunteer to help, however!

  • As stated previously, drama will be directed to the board email address.